2016 Beta 300 RR Two-Stroke Review

February 10, 2016

Sometimes, you just need to have an alternative to a famous brand or product. It works for every type of product in the free market, from houses and apartments, luxury watches and high-end goods to … motorcycles. If you want to have something different as an off-road bike than those made by KTM (which are dominating the off-road scene heavily at the moment), Beta might be a suitable choice. Let’s check their bike below.

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Beta has been on the American market for several years and has even seen some competition wins in recent times. Cody Webb used a Beta in the EnduroCross Championship in 2014 with good success, putting the bike on everyone’s maps and making Beta a name in the American motocross industry. The company is getting bigger and bigger at a very quick pace, so it’s time you give them a try.

Image Source: motorcycle-usa.com

Their newest model, the 300 RR is everything you could wish for from a 300cc two-stroke motorcycle. It pulls very smoothly into mid-range torque, has decent power to conquer the steepest of hill, the oil injection works perfectly fine and it is, all in all, a very fine-tuned vehicle. You surely will appreciate the great responses the bike gives you and spent quality time challenging it on the roads as well as off it.

The seat height is perfect for allowing average riders to touch the ground when necessary. The bike is also fairly light and handles well for its size and weight. The appearance is classic for a dirt bike, and its natural kit comes in bright red. To sum up the entire review, the Beta 300 RR is a very good alternative to any famous brand cross-country motorcycle like a KTM, Honda or Yamaha. It isn’t the same thing, but it does work great at both ends of the spectrum, both extreme endure and desert racing.

Image Source: dirtbiketest.com

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