2017 KTM Super Duke R Reviews & More

January 3, 2017
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Australia’s most trusted Dorna’s MotoGP series bike manufacturer is prepared for a premier class contract running five years from 2017. The KTM motorbike firm is ready to take Moto2 and Motor3 by Red Bull KTM Ajo Motorsport team besides the massive infrastructural preparations, investments, and expansions due 2018 that promise more technological wonders in the racing world.

The factory in 2017 is releasing a monster racer, the Super Duke R or the Beast 2.0 as referred to by KTM, and here are the changes compared to its predecessor 1290 Super Duke.


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KTM Super Duke Essential Changes

KTM has increased the compression ratio from 13.2 to 13.6:1 on the LC8 motor powered bike to a power output of 177 horsepower claiming a 104ft/lbs torque output for faster performance.

The crankshaft on the KTM Super Duke R is balanced with shorter inlet funnels, lighter inlet valves made of titanium and an extra rev giving exhaust resonator of 500rev before takeoff. Tested on the Persian Gulf around Pearl-Qatar, the 2017 KTM Super Duke R gave a stable corner, braking and spun.

For better handling of the Super Duke R, the bike has WP suspensions advanced for capability in addition to the increased spring rate, new fork damping intervals and the comfort offered by the new rear shock.

KTM has made the 2017 KTM Super Duke R more stable none slipping or skidding during normal rides and turning. The bike comes with a tire pressure monitoring system, Colored TFT display, and a Bluetooth connectivity coming with the motorcycle.


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Electronics on the 2017 KMT Super Duke R

KTM has enhanced the electronic control packs on the 2017 KTM Super Duke R. Despite the unchanged price tag of around $17,999 on the bike; the super rider has Track Pack and Performance Pack with their price expected at about $400 for a Pack. The performance Pack will be able to connect fundamental functions of the rider’s smartphone onto the control display of the bike while the Track Pack has nine easily changeable levels for services on the three modes of aggression by controlling the throttle.

Brake and tires on the 2017 KMT Super Duke R

The braking system on the 2017 KTM Super Duke R is a power from calipers of Brembo M-50 Monoblock working on the 320mm rotors just like on the 1290 Super Duke. The Dunlop tires are replaced with the excellent high track speeds and superb grip and feedback Metzeler Sportec M7 RR tires. The bike is, therefore, safe and on all roads and speeds.

2017 KTM Super Duke R Ergonomics

The Super Duke R has a significant change on the ergonomics with a more aggressive riding stance thanks to ¾ inch wider handlebar that is 0.2 inches lower and about a ¾ inch more forward. The handlebar can also be adjusted into any direction for any of the multiple personalizations possible. The riding positions are comfortable even at aggressive speeds above 160 mph. The clutch, the brake lever is very appealing and adjustable including the pegs and the foot bar.

2017 Super Duke R is equipped with the dynamic- looking LED head lights and an instrument pod to adjust the angles. The 75-degree V-twin engine rates a high of the tone of technological specs, chassis framework of the master of arts, color black or black/white, dimensions and capacities that will keep a smile on any face. The Bike is a masterpiece racer and we can’t wait to experience.

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