2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R, First Look & 7 Quick Facts

KTM is proud to show off its 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R, a V-twin off-road focused motorbike. Also, it revealed the expected ADV electronic suites to increase off-road safety and convenience.

Let me take you through 7 facts about the KTM 1090 Adventure R.

1. Off-road focused wheels

The 21-/18 inch hoop combination wire-spokes wheeled KTM 1090 Adventure R now rides on a Continental TRC 80 Twinduro tires. The bike has better off-road rides on these knobby tires.

2. Upgraded suspension for the MTM 1090 Adventure R

KTM has fitted its 1090 Adventure R with a great compression- rebound damping system on top of the adjustable WP PDS shocks to make it just excellent for the off-roads. Clearance of the shocks is comfortably nine inches on each end, and ten-inch ground clearance.

3. Traction control and ABS

KTM perfect for street and dirt on the 1090 Adventure R. The motorbike has optional traction control up to four levels of intrusion according to terrain or weather, and ABS for an off-road setting. The bike’s stability control package provides more power options as well.

4. Low weight and high stability

The 62.2-inch wheelbase, 26 degrees fork angled tires gives the 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R more stability when on the motion. On its six-gallon full tank, the bike is only 472 pounds requiring 35 inches high seat for swiftest agility.


5. Manageable power by the short stroke V-twin LC8 motor

The KTM’s 1090 Adventure R is 125 horsepower produced by the 1050 cc engine with a 103 mm bore and stroke sitting at 63 mm.

6. Easy ergonomic customization

To put the KTM 1090 Adventure R to safe taste, you only need to adjust the handlebars, footpegs, and windshield in position.

7. 1090 Adventure R has comfortable touring

KTM designed the 1090 Adventure R with a Power Parts catalog built-in pannier mounts to suit a long distance travel. The KTM 1090 Adventure R for 2017 is a reliable off-road master bike you will love to experience.

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