2017 Triumph Street Cup First Look & 9 Quick Facts

Since the prominence of Café racers in the 1960s, these motorcycles have been the center of motorcycle enthusiasts’ captivation. While these motorcycles were popular then, they have remained popular even today. They are considered the source of the lasting legacy in motorcycle. The announcement of the 2017 Triumph Street Cup makes all motorcycle enthusiasts anxious and interested.

Here are 9 quick facts about the 2017 Triumph Street Cup Cafe Racer;

1. The Triumph’s street twin line was to expand

When this brand of motorcycle hit the market a year ago, the brand was viewed as a platform for a broad range of riders irrespective of their riding skill level. This view and anticipation turned out as expected and now the café-race inspired Street Cup is in the market.

2. The Triumph Street Cup comes with the matching street credibility

The motorcycle matches its street name. Other than the styling, the bike comes with cowls seat, in addition, it has the bar end mirrors, with lean fly screen that meets the expectation in the street. The design matches the body position that is sporting giving the handling the aggressive feel. All this with a combination of others makes it perfect for the street both in look and feel.

3. Within the Street Cup lies the true heart of a café racer

For the 2017 Triumph Street Cup it is not just about the looks but also the experience for the rider. It has a 900 cc engine with high torque parallel –twin system. The Bonneville engine matches the heart of the street.


4. Even as much as it looks 60s, it is not stuck in the past

Certainly, with the ABS for safety and a control system for switchable traction, the Street Cup is modern. These aids are not part of the retro period. Other than these features, the bike comes with an electronic ride by wire throttle as well.

5. Triumph gives accessibility to the user

Other than the various many features that come with the bike, the Street Twin is user friendly. The bike comes with its traditional bike fits all style of design that makes it easy to use for everyone. The bike has been described to have an ergonomics that can be defined as stand over. The bikes height is 30 inches with a narrow profile makes it maneuverable.

6. Authentic style

Just from the look of the bike, the authentic styling is clearly visible. With its heart on its sleeve, the bike brings out the urban styling that is desired for its stature. The aggressive riding posture adds to the Street Cup intended street look. The bike gives the desired vintage dreams.

7. Other than the good-looks, Street Twin offers much more

The bike would pass for the McCoy for those who are not keen at looking. It holds the true street look in its impression. It has the complete features that one would need. The various features that are adorned in the bike are modern and intended to offer the rider full control and awareness during the ride.


8. The paint matters a lot for the Street Cup

The magic of the bike is in the colors. The predominant colors are yellow and jet black. The use of these colors across the bike brings out both the heritage of the history and a modern feel to the bike. Other than the visible colors, finer details are concealed behind strips and various boundary positions.

9. It is customizable just like the other Café racers

Contrary to the popular beliefs, Café racing was not all about racing but more about expressing personalities. The Triumph allows just that. It has more than 120 components that add features to the desired personalities.

The Street Twin by its features, its spirit, and performance is an impression on the ultimate motorcycling. The same is expected for the 2017 Triumph Street Cup or more. It comes with all the expectations of its predecessor and most likely to match. These nine facts are definitely what to expect!

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