2016 Zero DSR Review

Zero is a motorcycle company that started way back in the year 2006. As the World continuously demand for green energy, Zero has made such huge contribution to the demands by focusing their expertise in manufacturing multipurpose electric motorcycles. Burning gasoline as fuel seems to be destroying the environment and thus it’s not their style. Their success is greatly attributed to the fact that they really understand what the motorcyclists’ desire and put that into consideration during the product design. 2016 Zero DSR is their latest model which is a revamp of their previous model known as Zero DS.

2016 Zero DSR  Design and Appearance

The 2016 Zero DSR has a sleek design with an aggressive masculine appearance. Its twin spar frame is specially made up of aircraft grade aluminium, making it strong and lightweight at this same time; the main reason why it can easily manoeuvre on the street or dirt.

Image Source: www.totalmotorcycle.com

2016 Zero DSR Features

• 67 hp engine – which is 25% more than the predecessor electric bike

• The bike has a torque of 106 ft-ib, 56% increase on torque of the DS model

• Has a higher output motor controller (660 amp)

• A Z-Force 75-7R IPM motor that efficiently produces more power, cools faster and has a higher thermal capability

• ZF 13.0 power pack is designed to last past the 140 mile stretch. Each and every cell of the power pack is singly controlled and monitored to guarantee it lasts the life-time of the electric bike.

• Power tank technology enables the bike to stretch up to 179 miles before it needs a recharge

Image Source:insideevs.com

2016 Zero DSR Ride Experience

A ride on DSR is extremely smooth; with quality designed suspension the rider almost doesn’t feel the bump. The tires are well gripped as it is quite stable on tarmac or off road. The powerful engine delivers an accelerating top speed of up to 98 mph.


The USA Specifications – 2016 Zero DSR is priced at $15,995, but if it should include a power tank that is fixed upon the client’s wish, the cost of the electric motorcycle ends up at $18,669.

Canadian Specifications – the electric motorcycle sells at $20,794 or $24,270 to include a power tank.

Expected Release Date

As anticipated, the release date could be 4th of March 2016. On this date the manufacturing company has scheduled a demo event at their factory location in California.

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