2016 Norton Dominator SS Review

February 15, 2016

The 2016 Norton Dominator SS is a significant addition to the Norton brand as they seek to diversify their production from their highly successful Commando 961 models. The Dominator is handmade by the company’s skilled fabricators who strive relentlessly to outdo themselves with every new release. The Norton Company started its operations in 1902 at a factory in Birmingham, England. Through the years, the company has manufactured high-quality motorcycles for the Cafe Racer culture riders and the British sports motorcycling industry.

A majority of their bikes have enjoyed immense success on the racetrack for a significant portion of the 20th century. The company pays keen attention to details and the quality of materials they use to make their motorcycles. Over 80% of the materials used to make their bikes are produced in England making it be recognized as a local brand by the British. Their racing success was transferred to the streets where 2016 Norton Dominator SS is set to dominate for years to come.


The bike will be powered by an 80bhp 961cc motor that will be air-cooled. Additionally, it will be a parallel-twin, two-valve motor whose design is based on that of its predecessor models. It will have a great painted hand-rolled 1.5mm thick aluminum fuel tank with a ‘feather-bed’ style frame joined to a trellis-style swing-arm. It has a total power of 80PS at 6500 rpm and Torque of 90 Nm at 5200 rpm.

The aluminum fuel tank installed on the motorcycle is hand-made and crafted to make sure that the bike has a larger fuel capacity while simultaneously maintaining its excellent appeal. It has polished rear sprockets making it fit in on the streets and the race-track. It also has a polished yoke and a clock surround that are up-to-date with the modern motorcycle technology. The bike is fitted with trendy straight-through megaphone-style twin exhausts that accentuate its magnificent appearance.

Moreover, it has billet foot controls enabling the rider to maintain a high level of control when traveling at top speeds. Its front mudguard, hugger, and fly screen are well design to enhance the safety of the rider while on the road. The bike has long-lasting daytime running lights giving it an excellent lighting system. On the rear, LED lights are installed giving it a modern appearance. A carbon airbox is fitted on this motorcycle to make sure that its emissions are maintained at the stipulated emission levels and regulations.

The 17-inch aluminum wheels are well-designed to handle the weight of the bike uniformly hence maintaining stability at top speeds. The bike is available as both a one- and a two-seater model.

The 2016 Norton Dominator SS is priced at £24,500.

For more specifications of the physical hardware of the 2016 Norton Dominator SS, CLICK HERE.

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