The Luxurious 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS

In the year 1909, Suzuki Motor Corporation was launched initially manufacturing looms and other weaving equipment. In 1939, after gaining tremendous success in the weaving sector, the founder, Michio Suzuki decided to diversify his business into the automobile and motorcycle industry. The cotton industry collapsed in 1951 forcing the company to focus all its operations entirely in the production of cars and motorcycles. They strived relentlessly and by the year 1954, they were producing an average of 6,000 bikes every month.

Over the years, they have been producing excellent quality reliable motorcycles and accessories. Suzuki takes pride in the manufacture of fuel efficient yet luxurious bikes making the company command a significant segment of the market. They strive relentlessly to ensure that all their products and services are up to standards with the advancing technological world. Moreover, the company has added more safety features on their bikes making riding safer and enjoyable.

In the year 2005, Suzuki introduced the first Boulevard series into the market. The bikes are designed to provide quality, class, style, sophistication, and efficiency. The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS is just astounding with its classic appearance, and its performance is optimal always.

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The bike is powered a 1783cc, V-twin engine that is liquid-cooled with an 8-valve DOHC system. The engine is a 54-degree type and is well designed to deliver a responsive torque with a massive tractable power. It has 112 mm forged aluminum-alloy pistons that are the largest to be developed in the automotive industry up-to-date. Every cylinder bore is lined with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. This material enables the engine to deliver tighter piston-to-cylinder clearances. Also, the material ensures that heat is transferred optimally to avoid overheating while at top speeds.

The engine is also designed with the signature Suzuki Advanced Sump System (SASS)style. The SASS ensures that the engine height is reduced since it comprises of a lower-positioned crankshaft. The low SASS system enables the bike to maintain stability even when negotiating sharp corners. The engine’s electronic fuel injection system consists of 56 mm throttle bodies that maintain optimal airspeed and supply during low and mid-range throttle responses.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS has a two-stage cam drive system that is responsible for the creation of a lower center of gravity. It also consists of a dual spark plug in every cylinder ignition system to enhance its efficiency in combustion and simultaneously reduce its exhaust emissions. There is a three-piece, 9.5-liter volume airbox that has dual intakes on both sides of the engine to increase the rate of combustion thus increasing its rate of acceleration significantly.

The engine is a five-transmission type with a high fifth gear ratio that is ideal for efficient highway cruising. It has a capacity fuel tank of 19.5 liters.

2016 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS engine

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The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS has an overall length of 95.5 inches while its width is 34.4 inches. It has a wheelbase of 67.3 inches with a ground clearance of 5.1 inches. Additionally, its curb weight is 347 kg and is designed with a seat height of 27.8 inches. The bike is fitted with a massive 18-inch rear wheel that enhances its traction significantly. The bike is designed using a high-tensile double cradle steel frame. The steel frame is ideal for the handling of the massive torque and power its engine produces. Moreover, its design enables the rider to handle it comfortably and smoothly.

The bike has inverted front forks for the delivery of a smooth wheel travel. It has a single rear shock absorber and a spring preload that is adjustable. The spring is adjustable to suit rider and passenger weight correctly. The front is fitted with dual fully floating disc-brakes comprising of a single disc and twin-piston calipers. On the rear end, a single dual-piston caliper is the only feature responsible for braking the bike down from speed. The handlebars are mounted on pull-back risers. The handlebars are positioned within a short distance from the rider’s seat enhancing comfort and control while riding.

This bike comprises of an analog speedometer and LCD odometer for easier handling while on the road. Additionally, it has a fuel gauge, a clock, and dual trip-meters increasing the riders efficiency reducing cases of accidents. The instrument cluster of this bike is mounted on top of the headlight cowl for their easy and quick visibility. The cluster comprises of LED indicator lights, a digital tachometer, and a gear position indicator. The seats are cushioned to improve and maintain comfort during long rides.

Price and Release Date

The bike was released into the market in November 2015 and retails at $14,999 USD with a 12-month warranty.

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