Indian Launches Springfield

In BREAKING NEWS in the world of motorcycles, there is some exciting news for aficionados – veteran Motorcycle Company Indian launched the Springfield!

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Indian Springfield

Indian Springfield

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There was a guessing game going on for sometime, with regard to Indian launching a new product titled “Springfield”. Rumors were later confirmed when Indian gained emission certificates. And now, this. The world gets to finally see the new Indian Springfield…

A brilliant addition to the Indian Springfield is something out of dream books – it appears bulkier than it’s earlier counterparts, but these parts are also detachable – case in point the pillion seat, along with the hard panniers and screen can simply be unclipped, revealing a more leaner motorcycle resembling the Chief Classic.

The chassis of the Indian Springfield can carry a heavier load that previous models – up to 242 kilos of weight.


The motorcycle retails for a cool £20,000, but it’s totally worth it if you’re a roadie or a collector of classics. This one is meant for the halls of fame!

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