2016 Hyosung GD250 Review

Hyosung, since its inception in 1978, has grown to become the leading motorcycle manufacturer in Korea. The company now commands a 40% share of the market in Korea. They have produced a series of models since then with their latest model being 2016 Hyosung GD250. Let’s focus on some of its highlights and features.

A Short Overview of 2016 Hyosung GD250

The specs of this bike are quite modern, unlike other Korean versions that have always adopted a retrospective design.

Image Source:blog.vehiclejar.com


The GD250 is fitted with a 250cc single-cylinder engine that is liquid-cooled. It has a horsepower rpm of 8500 and a peak rpm of 7000. It has electronic fuel injection which offers improved fuel efficiency. The engine has four valves per cylinder. Having a bore of 73/2.87 and stroke of 59.6/2.35, this must be a machine with sheer power. The fuel tank has easy access to the air cleaner box to ensure easy serviceability.


It has a sporty design that has full fairings. It has a projection lens with a downlink and uplink splitting headlights as well as LED sidelights. The new trellis design frame also provides a rear and front load distribution.

It has two-piece seat, both for the driver and passenger and is covered by a vinyl material.

The front suspension has a 37 mm overturned telescopic-type. Its windshield has an Aerodynamic windscreen for comfortable and safe riding.


-It has high efficient front caliper with a steel braided brakes for unceasing braking. Its four piston that opposes the calipers offer a strong stopping power.

It has a rear brake that also has steel braided lines to ensure constant braking. The dual piston opposed calipers on the rear wheel provide adequate control.

Image Source: bikes.motobank.co.uk

Dimensions of the 2016 Hyosung GD250


Width-27.6/700 (in/mm)

Height 43.3/1100 (in/mm)

Wet weight- 341.7/155 (lbs. /kg)

Wheelbase- 53/1346 (in/mm)

Its price and release date are still unknown, but it’s expected to be unveiled by May 2016.

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