Can-Am’s Ultimate Spyder F3 Turbo Concept Motorbike

Can-Am’s Automotive Company has finally offered a solution to motorcycle enthusiasts and personnel interested in motorbikes by releasing a top-notch bike known as the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept bike. The bike got unveiled as a result of a sponsorship agreement signed between the BRP Company and a top ranked motorbike manufacturer, NASCAR.

The Spyder F3 Turbo concept bike is an ultimate bike that riders have been looking for in the automotive sector. The sponsorship deal signed between the two companies will lead to the Can-Am manufacturers as the primary sponsors of the Phoenix Can-Am 500 event and the Can-Am Duel motorbike function that will be held at Daytona that will be held in November, this year.

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Key features and specifications of the ultimate Spyder F3 Turbo Concept super bike

Spyder F3 Turbo Concept is one of the amazing bikes that are super-fast and enjoyable to ride and comfortable bikes to ride.

This bike is fitted with an inter-cooler engine that is developed by Rotax Company and a turbo making the bike be super-fast

Spyder F3 Turbo Concept motorbike has a well-performing engine decapitating a horsepower of 150 at 6,800 rpm

The bike is developed in a sports mode that makes racers drift easily. Also, the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept bike is fine-tuned and fitted with an Akropovic straight pipe and an air intake for outstanding performance of the bike

Spyder F3 Turbo Concept bike has well-refined tires and a torque monster of up to 137 lb-ft

In a press release, Can-Am Spyder engineer depicted that the bike is designed in a Y-frame to allow drifting when taking an aggressive corner and to maintain a lower center of gravity.

Spyder F3 Turbo Concept bike got successfully tested by Earnhardt on a Daytona tarmac, who expressed his gratitude for being given a chance to test the bike. Earnhardt implied that Spyder F3 Turbo Concept motorbike is one of the bikes that will bring a turn-over of events in the racing industry.

Spyder F3 Turbo Concept bike is expected to sell at $27,249 at all automotive outlets.

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