DSK Benelli enters the Indian market

Benelli Motorcycles is one of the oldest motorbike makers in the world. The company has been making motorcycles since 1911.With more than 100 years of heritage and lineage, Benelli has become highly popular around the globe as a superbike-making company. The company is known for its technological prowess and innovation.

DSK Benelli enters the Indian market

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After being in the motorbike making industry for years, Benelli, assisted by DSK group, has finally managed to cross the seas and enter the Indian market. The new venture has been christened as DSK Benelli and follows the setup which DSK has entered with Hyosung, a Korean super bike maker. The DSK group will assemble the bikes coming through CKD route in their plant. Sales and services will be handled by the same company alongside their machines.

DSK Benelli has showcased 5 bikes which are intended for the Indian market. All the motorbikes come with front and rear disc brakes and 6-speed transmissions. The bikes include:

  • TNT 300(in-line 2-cylinder 300cc, 4 stroke, water-cooled engine)

  • TNT 600 GT (in-line 4-cylinder 600cc, 4 stroke, water-cooled engine)

  • TNT 600i (in-line 4-cyclinder 600cc, 4 stroke, water-cooled engine)

  • TNT R 1130 (in-line 3-cylinder 1131cc, liquid-cooled, 4 stroke engine)

  • TNT 899 (in-line 3-cylinder 898cc, liquid-cooled, 4 stroke engine)

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Frank Zuang, board director, Benelli QJ SRL says that India is an important bike market and the company is set to introduce a wide range of products. The company intends to expand their products from single cylinders to 4 cylinders (125 cc-1600 cc). According to Shirisj Kulkarni, chairman, DSK Motowheels, the superbike industry in India has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This has given the company an immense scope to tap into this lucrative market.

Though Benelli is a renowned for making bikes around the globe, it will face tough competition in India from other bike manufacturers such as Bajaj, Kawasaki and Honda.

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