2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit Gen II

The 2016 Cleveland Misfit Gen II is a super sporty commuter bike engineered and built by Cleveland CycleWerks after a successful design of the first generation of the model.


This second edition of the misfit has several design changes. The chassis is generally larger with improved stability at the higher speeds. The model retains the low seat of the previous generation, but the cockpit area has been enlarged to improve the comfort of the rider. Also, the chassis has a higher forward wedge providing a sportier ride and experience. To elevate the look, the gas tank has some crisply styled line and is more chiseled adding a touch of elegance. Also, knee indents crafted on the gas tank have been made deeper and functional allowing for deep cornering.


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Engine and performance

The bike uses a 4-stroke, 250cc OHV single cylinder air-cooled engine that offers 10.5kw/700rpm and 14.8HP as the maximum power. Braking is enhanced by the utilization of a floating wave rotor and a fixed wave rear brake unit with. Also, the front calipers are made of a 4-piston unit with a radial mount. The drive system has been upgraded to a new KMC 520H Chain built with a complete Cush-drive setup. The bike’s sprocket rides on its own bearings which have a 6-stud drive disc design.


The forks have been designed with a simplified shim stack and a proprietary valve that features an adjustable lock stop to fine tune the steering lock while on the track. The piston-style forks are held in place by CNC triple trees which equally add to the style and rigidity. The angle and the rake of the forks are easily tuned and sporty in high and low speeds.

Cleveland Mis fit

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Features and instruments

Hand controls have been advanced with better materials, softer grips and tighter tolerances. The left gauge on the dash incorporates the stylish speedometer designed with a stepper motor driven needle. It also holds a digital odometer which features several additional functions that include a trip meter. A stylish tachometer with a stepper motor driven needle is housed in the right gauge.


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