2016 Yamaha Tricity 3-Wheeler

March 3, 2016

The 2016 Yamaha Tricity 3-Wheeler is a comfortable, lightweight, elegant urban commuter vehicle designed to cater the needs of new riders. This scooter is built for younger drivers and is very easy to use, safe and attractive, drawing the attention around the streets. The 3-wheeler has an elegant, agile design making it a perfect choice for both male and female riders.


The 2016 Yamaha Tricity 3-Wheelerhas a modern design with a luxurious and futuristic new look. The front wheels are double with a single rear wheel. Also, there is a great beacon on the front that comes in the form dart. Mirrors are small but sit very high and are very noticeable. The seat is quite spacious and comfortable with the bumper loaders as a dual-layer and low false.

2016 Yamaha TriCity

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Weight and handling

The 3-wheeler is remarkably light and agile weighing just 152kg with a full tank of fuel. Besides, the chassis and the engine have been built to give an easy yet balanced and confident handling and parking. The flowing lines on the body of the scooter give it a smart modern look which conveys a sense of agility and lightness. It has been equipped with a sports screen and flared leg shields offering protection from the weather and wind.

Engine and performance

The model has been equipped with a powerful four-stroke aggregate liquid cooled engine that yields about 11Hp and 12Nm torque with 125cc displacement. It has an automatic transmission only available in petrol version. The engine gives a smooth acceleration with a lively mid to high-speed performance.

yamaha tricity 3 wheeler

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Technical features

The scooter has a unified brake system with an optional ABS. The 230mm diameter rear disc and dual 220mm front discs give maximum smooth stopping power. Also, the exclusive leaning multi-wheel system has been developed for easy steering with confident and accurate cornering. Moreover, it features dual telescopic forks and a parallelogram link that allows the front wheels to lean around corners offering a super ride. The 3-wheel chassis design offers maximum stability on various road surfaces.

Price and release date

Yamaha has presented the 2016 Yamaha Tricity 3-Wheeler model in the final version, but so far information on the release date is not available. It is expected that the new model will hit the market in mid-2016. The price of the scooter has equally not been cited.

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