2016 Indian Roadmaster Review

The 2016 Indian Roadmaster is a pure luxury machine: it has been made using high-tech technology complemented by innovative and dramatic design to give the ride an unmatched ride. It’s manufactured by the Indian Motorcycle, the industry most luxurious cruiser manufacturer.

Its Enormous premium storage of up to 38 gallons coupled with Thunder Stroke 111 engine makes the 2016 Indian Roadmaster a touring machine to anticipate for this year. The luxury features such as heated grips, ABS, dual heated seats, power-adjustable windscreen, keyless ignition that has remote locking storage, tire-pressure monitoring system, Bluetooth capability for connectivity an advanced infotainment system makes this latest Indian Roadmaster cruise the epitome of comfort, especially in the long distance cruising.

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The bike key and technical features

– Color

This modern Indian Roadmaster is available in five color options; Thunder-Black, Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream, Blue-Diamond, Storm Grey and Thunder Black, and Ivory Cream.

2016 Indian Road Master

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– Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

The V-Twin the heart and soul of this cruiser as it delivers 119 ft-lbs. of peak torque, incredible acceleration, and an exhaust note from its dual exhaust that has a soothing noise to the rider’s ears.

– Cruise Control and ABS

The 2016 Indian Roadmaster has unconventional features to give a rider an optimal experience. It’s automatic ABS braking, will give you some peace of mind that you have good brake control all the time. The cruise control is adjustable and easy to set to ensure that you enjoy a relaxed and smoothed ride.

Indian Road Master 2016

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– Keyless Ignition

With a key fob near you, you can just start it and ride. The engine will only run when the key fob is within close proximity to this Indian Model. If you lose you fob, you can enter your personal security code, and the engine will start and run.

– Price

The 2016 Indian Roadmaster has tonnes of features and accessories. It reflects a pure American Luxury. The bike is expected to have a starting price of $27,999 to $29,399 and might be released to the market in mid-2016.

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