Top 5 Most Anticipated Racing Bikes of 2016

February 11, 2016

2016 is truly an action packed year with new and exciting motorcycles that are expected to be unveiled. From scooters and adventure tourers to cruisers and sportbikes, you’ll encounter some hard choices when buying a new bike. However, we’ve made your work a little bit easier by compiling a list of top 5 most anticipated motorcycles, although in no specific order, that you can’t wait to ride in 2016.

1. BMW G310R

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BMW in conjunction with TVS in India has produced a wide range of sub-500cc bikes, and the BMW G310R is the latest cruise expected to be unveiled. BMW’s expertise and technological advancement will be paired with large production and low-cost capabilities from the TVS. It’s expected to cause a stir in the Motorcycle industry as it’ll come at a great price.

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