First Look – Yamaha XSR900

If we had to describe the Yamaha XSR900 in a nutshell, it would be this: retro look with modern tech. The new model Yamaha plans to add to their fleet in 2016 will surely be a great hit given the new preferences from the riding culture, opting for modernized and upgraded versions of vintage models. The entire bike is based on the famous FZ-09 model, boosts its performances and looks a lot better. Let’s step in and look.

At its core, it features the same 847cc triple belt in order to provide around 115 hp. It also provides traction control and abs from factory settings, a good improvement compared to the more “entry-level” FZ-09. The frame is the same great aluminum cast surrounding the engine and the entire machine weights just over 430 pounds. The compact and sporty chassis and the engine are great together – a feeling of coolness and power at the same time.

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The seat is positioned at almost 33 inches from the ground and provides a slightly aggressive riding posture. The padding on the seat also feels a little better compared to that of the FZ-09. The main talking point of the bike is, of course, its style. The fuel tank has a lovely matte aluminum finish, the headlight is a round single-barrel model to replicate one from the 70s, and even the muffler received enough attention and has a round aluminum finish.

It is clearly and without a doubt a great, stylish model, that we will see a lot of in the coming months of 2016. The price tag has not yet been announced, but it will clearly not prove a stumbling block due to the uniqueness and great characteristics of the motorcycle. The XSR900 is a lovely combination of old and new, vintage and performance, looks and brains. Yamaha will profit greatly from having this model in their collection.

The bike will be retailing for a cool £ 7,849.00 or $11490.00.

Visit the Official Yamaha XSR900 Site for more updates.

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