2016 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S – First Look

Harley Davidson is hardly a name which requires an introduction. It is by far the most famous motorcycle brand in history. Lots of men have the dream of possibly owning a Harley bike one day, although few can brag with actually having one. For big enthusiasts who never miss the chance to check out a new model, the producer has something unique to show in 2016: The 2016 Harley Davidson Low Rider S.

Image Source: pixellogo.com

This bike is the answer to lots of inquiries regarding when Harley Davidson was about to shift from the cruiser models back to an aggressive, performance based vehicle boasting brute strength. The Low Rider S was built to deliver almost instantaneous power from the rider’s hands to the road while maintaining the physique and overall rugged appearance that made Harley motorcycles famous.

The motorcycle come equipped with a Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine and a Fat Bob style 2-into-2 exhaust. The engine produces a 115 foot-pound of peak torque at an average 3500 rpm, which should produce some good burning effects on the back tire in the future. The power is transmitted through a body and wheels almost classic for Harley models, using triple disk brakes and boasting ABS in factory settings.

Image Source: themanual.com

From a visual point of view, the only finish that would make sense for such a motorcycle is black. It is the only option it currently comes in and almost everything that is visible on the bike is blacked out. The only things painted Magnum Gold are the cast-aluminum wheels.

We are eagerly anticipating the next details about this awesome model, which are predicted to come in the beginning of March 2016, along with a first price tag. A Harley motorcycle is a classic, so we can’t wait to put our hands on this model to see how it really feels compared to the rest of the models in the series. Stay in touch!

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