Ramifications Of Honda VT750 Shadow Cruisers Recall Campaign

February 2, 2016

Honda has initiated a campaign to recall some of the Honda VT750 Shadow Cruisers. Problems with the bank angle sensors resulted in stalling in certain conditions, which saw the Honda VT750 cruiser recalled. Engine vibrations results in the loss of signal from the bank angle sensors in the bikes.

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of bikes and bike parts. The company’s headquarters are located in Japan. In 2013, the Asian auto vehicle company was the first of it’s kind to enter United States’ markets and has been a steady competitor ever since. The growth and expansion of Honda, from an Asian company to an international player is a story that speaks of only precision and triumph. Honda began producing cruisers for a number of years and have been successful with buyers and bike aficionados.

The Problem

At about 3000 rpm, the bank sensors’ wires can come into contact with the joint connector, leading to loss of the sensor signal. The way the bank angle sensor wiring harness is fixed can also cause the wiring to bend and break over time. This causes the engine to stall in an effort to shut the engine before a crash or simply cutting off without warning.

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Additionally, the failure caused by the loss of the bank sensor signal causes the engine to experience restarting problems. This poses a threat to the rider due to crashing after an engine stalls or collision with other highway users. It has seen various traffic and road safety regulation bodies list and try to address the problem in various documents.

The Fix

In an effort to curb the problem, Honda has initiated a campaign that saw the Honda VT750 cruiser recalled. The recall campaign is meant to reach out to Honda dealers and owners to ensure the recall campaign is carried out successfully. Owners of 2010-2016 VT750 cruisers will have their bank angle sensors replaced and the joint connector relocated free of charge. The recall campaign is scheduled to kick off on 29th February, 2016.

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The Final Word

Owners of Honda VT750 cruisers have been advised to visit their local Honda dealers to have the angle bank sensor and joint connector problem addressed. Honda has also provided a way for bike owners to contact them using the recall number JW7 at 1-866-784-1870 through the company’s Honda Motorcycle customer service. This should allow owners of the Honda Shadow to enjoy the cruiser with greater safety.

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