Review – 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

The 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R received great reviews so far from the few people who have managed to have a first-hand experience with the bike. It was described as “the closest thing to a road-going world superbike”, and for good reason, too. The only downside people found for a long period of time is the vibrant green color which is too much for some people – other than that, everything comes close to perfection.

The bike is not your usual tuned down sports bike. Producers usually treat these bikes as down-to-earth versions of the ones you see in professional racing, but Kawasaki decided to go a different route. They wanted to provide people with a superbike they can throw at national roads, without a large drop in performance indicators.


Technically, the bike features some great things:

– A more powerful engine, 998cc in-line four-cylinder 16-valve that may break 200hp in the U.S.

– A lighted crankshaft that improves low and mid-range power

– New pistons, new head design, new camshaft profiles and new air boxes

– Precise control delivered by electronically-controlled valves

– New titanium exhaust system

– A new chassis for improved balance

– New Balance Free Fork (BFF) and Balance Free Near Cushion (BFRC) imported directly from World Superbike racing

– Brand new, top-of the line electronic systems

– Metallic matte carbon grey finish

No matter how much we try, we simply cannot find a technical parameter that is worse than we’d expect. The hands-on experience is great and you will have big issues getting off the superbike and onto a regular motorcycle again. The price of the new Kawasaki ZX-10R is slightly north of $15,000, depending on the final options you choose for your motorbike.

If you want top-notch racing experience in your garage which you can take out every weekend, the price tag is worth it. Great mechanics and technology come with a price, and bringing sport superbikes to the general public is bound to cost a buck or two. If this is what you want, the 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R is a great choice for you.

Visit the Official Kawasaki Site for more on this fantastic bike!

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