Previewing The MV Agusta Brutale 800

January 28, 2016

MV Agusta, for non-motorcycle enthusiasts, is a brand with a big reputation in the business, similar to how Mercedes and BMW are viewed in the automotive community. The Italian brand has great results in racing history and build exotic, excellent pieces of machinery that are a delight both to look at and to ride. Of course, the Brutale 800 is designed to not make any exception from this rule and will surely live up to its predecessor’s reputations.

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The biggest change the new model brings is directly to its heart. The new engine, compliant with Euro 4 and featuring three cylinders has a slightly lower power level but a better torque. At 11,500 rpm, the horsepower of the new engine dropped from 125 to 116. All this, combined with the fact that the new bike weight 17 pounds more than its predecessor, means that the bike will achieve a lower overall speed. In a world dominated by power-hungry producers who do nothing but raise the bar higher and higher, this certainly comes as a surprise.

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Looks are a big plus of the new model. The finishing on all pieces is made to look opaque. The engine now comes in a deep black color instead of silver while the rest of the bike features lots of anodized red parts. Finally, it looks metal, slightly steampunk with sharp edges. Firm and powerful, it will surely bring a great feeling of coolness to anyone who dares to mount it.

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The rest of the changes were rather small, except for maybe the increase of the tank to 4.2 gallons. This is not a bad thing by far, since the rest of the line from which it comes from featured some exceptionally successful motorcycles. While its price will certainly not be low, it will be fit for a bike that dominates its category. Its performances as well as its looks will surely be great both on and off the race track, making it a great new addition to the family.

It retails for £11,149.

Visit the Official MV Agusta Brutale 88 site.

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