Yamaha Releases YZF-R1

At the latest EICMA show for motorcycles, top brand Yamaha unveiled to the world the latest model of their super successful YZF-R1. To jog your memory, the original model in this series was started as early as 1998.

The latest addition to the series comes with new features that are an improved to its predecessors. Features include:

  • sophisticated traction and slide control
  • anti-locked brakes that are linked
  • launch control
  • tapering anti-wheelie system
  • quick shifter

Other features on the bike, including engine upgrades include:

  • information-fed sensors running at over 100 times per second
  • shortened bore-to-stroke ratio
  • larger airbox
  • fracture split titanium conrods

The bike weighs an astounding 199kgs or 439lbs.

The vehicle mega-manufacturer also announced an upcoming model that promises features such as electronic semi-active Öhlins suspension, carbon fiber bodywork, aluminium fuel tank, magnesium components and traction Bridgestone wheels.

For more information on the latest in Yamaha YRF-R1 models and features, CLICK HERE.

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