BMW unveils new sports bike S1000XR

German auto company BMW has launched its new adventure sports bike S1000XR which is a follow up to its BMW S1000R. The bikes share the same 999cc, 160-horsepower which makes it an extremely powerful machine.


Some of its features include more comfortable touring riding position, luggage centrestands. But the riders have to know that it is not an adventure bike but a next generation sports tourer which is sportier as well as tourier than any other bike in the segment.
For the average rider, the bike has plenty of things to offer. The best part the riders have noticed that it is comfortable which often lacks in sports bikes. For bikers who like screens, this bike is for them. The only drawback here is the high and wide bars as the Xr poorly suits to the lane-splitting on a commute.
It is not legal in many of the regions. The mirrors and handguards on the bike are perfectly placed. It can be said that the Xr is a good versatile machine with features that are practical and realistic. The base model costs AU$22,190 in Australia and is AU$4k expensive than the R Streetfighter but costs Au$2,000 less than the base model of 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Photo Credits: rydermcc

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