Yamaha announces fresh production of R1M plus special YZF-R1

September 23, 2015

Bike manufacturing giant Yamaha has announced its second production run of the YZF-R1Ms. The customer application system will go online from October 1, 2015. The YZF-R1 was launched in November 2014 in two versions and the R1M was a race-oriented upgrade of the basic model that features a carbon fiber body.

yamaha r1m produce

The production then was limited and to a few hundreds with a price tag of $22,000 in the US and €22,000 to €25,000 in Europe. But was sold out by March31, 2015. For the new batch, the company has not yet revealed how many motorcycles will be produced or how many motorcycles will be allotted to different countries.
With the new R1M production, the Yamaha Racing Experience will also continue. The YRE has been designed exclusively for the R1M customers and will have a series of trackdays at some of the best tracks and are guided by some of the well known names in the biking world including Colin Ewards so that the customers can get the best out of the motorcycles. The 60th anniversary special model will be offered by the company in an indefinite limited quantity. The special R1 will have the trademark yellow speedblock color scheme and has an Akropovic slip-on exhaust can.
As for the features and basics, the YZF-R1 2016 version is not expected to change at all.

Photo Credits: motorcycledaily

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