2016 Indian Chieftain Review

The 2016 Indian chieftain is a powerful, versatile bagger treating enthusiasts with a strong feel of class and attitude. At a glance, It has not many differences from the 2015 chieftain. However, it is more compact and sophisticated.

Style and look

The bike has an enormous fairing with a power-adjustable windscreen to offer genuine cruising comfort, authentic leather seats and hard saddlebags with centralized remote locking to protect cargo on board. The chieftain is available in four different colors for the rider’s preference. The windshield atop is stylish adding onto the elegant engineering and design. The LED driving lights and the electric gauges provide both style and beauty to the chieftain.


The fairing features an integrated audio system which delivers premium quality sound from the mounted dual high-output speakers. Audio sources can be connected either by cable or via Bluetooth connectivity.

2016 Indian Chieftain

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ABS and cruise control

The Indian Chieftain is designed with next generation features to optimize the riding experience. It features an automotive quality ABS braking system which gives maximum riding confidence as the rider can brake under control in every situation. The cruise control system is easy to set and adjust to give maximum smooth and relaxed cruising.

Engine and performance

The chieftain is powered by a powerful Thunder Stroke 1811c triple cam, 490 V-twin air/oil-cooled engine mated to a six-speed transmission with a wet multi-plate clutch. With a peak torque of 119.2ft-lbs at 3000rpm, the chieftain offers a tremendous acceleration and an exhaust note from its dual exhaust which is certainly music to the rider’s ears.

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Technical features

It features a key-less ignition system so that a rider needs not fumble with the key anymore. With the key fob in the pocket, the rider only needs to get onto the bike start up and ride away. A personalized security code is provided to start the bike in case the fob is lost. It has an overall height of 1388mm and a width of 1000mm. Its wheelbase is 1688mm, a ground clearance of 142mm and a seat height of 660mm.

The 2016 Indian chieftain was released into the market in mid-february 2016, and the price starts at $22,999

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