Evel Knievel Bike At Bonham’s Las Vegas Moto Auction

January 7, 2016

Fans of adrenaline and motorcycle stunts are in for a treat as there is an exciting announcement – Evel Knievel’s Bike At Bonham’s Las Vegas Moto Auction!

Probably the most famous daredevil to ever entertain the United States and the world over, Evel Knievel was an enterprising man who performed self-taught stunts and produced mesmerizing shows for his audiences during his lifetime.

Now the motorcycle used by the legend for the movie VIVA KNIEVEL in which he played himself, a 1976 Harley-Davidson XL 1000 will be up for view and auction at one of the nation’s biggest vehicle auctions in none other than Sin City itself. The custom-designed bike, re-done by none other than Bud Ekins, was made specifically for the feature film. The bike features the American flag on its flank with “Are You Man Enough? Big And Bad Enough?” and “Color Me Lucky” on the tank.

The iconic two-wheeler was formerly owned by Warner Brothers, the producers of the movie Evel starred in. However, it was later purchased by Harley Davidson dealer by the name of Dick Hutchins and displayed at his showroom within the Los Angeles area.

Knievel was known as saying: “I came along at the right time in the right place. America was down on its ass when I came along and needed somebody who was truthful and honest, someone who would spill blood and break bones, somebody who wasn’t a phony.” After his death, Knievel was enlisted under the Hall Of Fame posthumously.

This will truly be a collector’s prize for the lucky owner who gets to purchase it this Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at Bally’s Hotel & Casino on The Strip through Bonham’s Las Vegas Moto Auction. For more information on the grand event that includes bikes re-modeled by Steven McQueen, CLICK HERE.

Visit the late motorcycle legend’s life and legacy by CLICKING HERE.

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