Confederate unveils new second generation P51 Combat Fighter

August 29, 2015
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Confederate Motors unveiled the P51 Combat Fighter which has promised performance not heard from any other motorcycle in its class. The new bike has counted on the 200 hp V-Twin as the next big thing in the Fighter series. The original P120 Fighter was presented in 2009 and offered a limited production of an all-aluminum streetfighter motorcycle with a unique monocoque frame design.

combat fighter2

It has a huge V-Twin that produces immense power and six years later the P51 combat Fighter is the new evolution of that model. This is the second generation or the G2 where a lot has changed from the original concept.
The new P51 has been built completely around the monocoque structure of 6061-T6 aerospace grade billet aluminum. The new design has combined the engine, fuel tank, and transmission in to a single unit and the company has described it as the stiffest and the most fatigue resistant with a lighter chassis that is capable of housing the greatest amount of torque as the percentage of weight that was ever achieved in motordom.
Confederate has claimed that the strongest part in the frame is the headstock area and incorporates an intake in box that leads the air through a structural downdraft manifold. The blonde version has a price tag of US $113,900 while the black version is priced at US $119,500.

Photo Credits: urdesignmag

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