Ubco unveils 2X2 electric bike for tough terrains

August 26, 2015
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Electric bike manufacturer Ubco has shared a new electric bike which has the ability to travel in the tough terrains as well. Moreover, the bike also has enough carrying capacity and can be doubled as a portable power source with low running costs, easy maintenance and many practical customization options.

ubco 1

The new Ubco bike has been developed in New Zealand by Ubco Ltd and is built around a light weight super X step-through frame. The new vehicle by Ubco has been made with 7000series aluminum alloy and can carry weight up to 200 kgs. The bike has been equipped with 1kW air-cooled electric motors. One in each of the wheel’s hub and provides the maximum torque of 90Nm and is sufficient to power the bike to a top speed of 45 km/h.
It has a battery of 40Ah lithium Ion and needs four hours for a full recharge. The biggest advantage of the new Ubco is its simplicity which includes a battery, two hydraulic disc brakes, suspension and wheels and two electric motors.
It weighs just 50 kgs and all the heavy parts of the bike are located low on the frame. This means that it is expected to be easy to handle. The Ubco can be a boon for the rural areas, recreational purposes, hunting and fishing.

Photo Credits: hiconsumption

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