Ducati brings back the retro Scrambler

August 7, 2015
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Scrambler from Ducati has been the star of the line up since it was launched in 2014. The sales figures went up after the launch and helped boost Ducati’s revenue in 2015 by more than 20 % compared to the earlier year’s figures.

ducati scrambler

While riding the Icon from the Scrambler line-up, the only thing that bothered was the different digital dash that popped out and even the decision to run the tacho backwards and upside down was weird. When the biker sits on the bike, you feel how small the machine actually is with a 13.5 litre fuel tank that does not give you enough room for legs.
The bike has a range of about 200 km and a good experience for the biker due to its softness due to the lightly damped long travel suspension that glides pleasantly back and forth. While riding the bike remains grounded with its weight very balanced and convenient to glide. The Scrambler is easy and convenient to ride with a feather light and eager clutch.
Handling the bike can be fun and the grounded weight makes the low speed turns effortless. The Scrambler can also be a good learner bike without power restrictions like in the countries like USA.

Photo Credits: motorcycledaily

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