Suzuki unveils 2016 GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F

July 29, 2015
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Bike manufacturing giant Suzuki has unveiled its GSX – S1000 new line up having three bikes the naked GSX-S1000, the GSX – S1000 ABS and the GSX – S1000F ABS. To make the riding experience even better the company has priced it competitively, $9,999 for the GSX- S1000, $10,499 for the GSX-S1000ABS and $10,999 for the GSX- S1000 ABS.

The pricing of the new line up by Suzuki are quiet competitive compared to the other bikes in the segment. The engine of the bikes are based on the 2005 GSX – R 1000 and has a longer stroke than the present GSX- R1000 supersport which helps to generate a greater torque in low-to mid rpm range. It has the same 44 mm dual throttle valve throttle bodies like the 2K5 GSX-R. Just the valves are now stainless steel instead of titanium.
Even the gearbox has come out of the GSX-R but this time it comes with a standard non slipper clutch. The rear sprocket has extra two teeth due to which the gearing has become shorter and the engine redline has been set at 11,500 rpm which is 2,000 less than the GSX-R.
Suzuki has claimed that the GSX – S is the lightest in its class as the frame is lighter than that of the GSX-R unit.

Photo Credits: cpuhunter

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