Suzuki Tastes Blood With The New GSX-S1000

June 17, 2015
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Suzuki present their first niche motorcycle to be sold in India. Can it put them in the big boys’ league?

 Suzuki has finally bitten the bullet and decided to launch the super exclusive Suzuki GSX – S1000 and it’s fully faired version, the GSX – S1000F. Priced at nearly 13 lakh Indian rupees, ex showroom in New Delhi, the GSX-S1000 twins are not for the average biker. While the GSX-S1000 wears its roadster ambitions naked, the GSX-S1000F looks ready for the track.

Third World, First Priority

According to the top hierarchy in Suzuki, the introduction of these bikes is indication enough of their desire to make the best global products available to the Indian customers. Which makes complete sense, considering most of Suzuki’s profits are generated here in India. The GSX – S1000 and GSX – S1000F, even if they don’t immediately rake up numbers, will at least be an attestation of Suzuki’s engineering competence.



And well engineered the GSX – S1000 most definitely is, with its lightweight chassis coupled with a 999cc engine which bumps out a healthy 144 bhp. Of course, its a little short on sheer numbers, especially when held up against premier rivals. But then Suzuki bikes are famously tractable and can be extremely fun to rev along. The roadster version of the engine also has a longer stroke, which helps in low end torque – a must for roadsters.

Solidly Built

The GSX – S1000 also come fitted with a three mode traction control system along with a monobloc style brembo brakes. These improvements have been touted as the reason why the GSX-S1000 is one the best handlers in its class. Clearly the effort here has been to provide a holistic riding experience.
That ease shines through even in the instrument cluster, which needs barely a second glance to read information. All taken together, Suzuki GSX – S1000 really does cover all the bases well. Should it fail to get going in India inspite such an enviable list of virtues, it might say more about the Indian market more than the motorcycle.

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