2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS And 1000XT ABS

November 29, 2016
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Many would say that Suzuki has made a deliberate move to skip 2017 and jump to 2018 with its Suzuki Storm 1000. The same can be said for the 100 XT model. These are some of the facts that one should know and expect from these new models.

1. The Suzuki models are not completely new

The 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS and its comparable brand 1000 XT ABS are not entirely new. Some of the features including the engine are unchanged. Other features that are carried from the past include the chassis. However, one should expect more electronics installed and details with stylish enhancements in these models.

2. The major difference are the electronics

The 2018 V Strom 1000 has the inertial measurement unit within its five axis measurement capability. This technology constitutes a lynch pin that is installed with new electronic abilities. Part of the abilities includes the Bosch ABS that is sophisticated and a traction control mechanism.

3. Comes with a New ABS design

Both V-Strom are equipped with a different ABS design from the previous designs. The 1000s V-Stroms are equipped with Motion Track Brake System that has the ability to measure the speeds of the wheel when the ABS is applied. The system plays a critical role when the bike is leaning.

4. Comes with Linked brakes

Part of the combination brake system includes linked brakes. The system combines the effects of applying the front brake to the rear brake. If the front brake is applied, then the rear brake will also react in the same intensity.

5. Comes with three positions for the traction control system

The 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 has the unique feature of having three positions. These positions include the off position. The other positions are mode 1 that is intended for sport riding, the mode 2 that is the rain ready mode and the off position.

6. Cleaner riding for the 2018 V-Strom

The bikes come with a new fuel injection setting. In addition, it has more exhaust catalyzers. These features make the bikes cleaner in their operations and exhaustion. Despite these features, there is no significant decrease in torque. The maximum horsepower is also not affected by these adjustments. These measures ensure that the bike meets the Euros 4 standards.

7. Has a perfect rear track for touring riders

The rear track is ideal for touring riders. It makes carrying cargo easy. It has installation abilities for the accessory sidecars. In addition, the bike allows a top box that has no tools within.

8. Its user friendly

The 2018 V Stroms are simply user friendly. The bikes are comfortable and convenient. Compared to the previous Suzukis, the bikes have low RPM assists and come with an Easy to Start system. Other added features that are user focused include a windscreen that can be adjusted and standard hand guards. The bikes also have LED fog lamps and adjustable low seat not to mention the center stand.

9. Upgraded styling

There are a number of upgrades that are added to the bikes. These upgrades include a more effective braking system based on the legendary DR-BIG. The other upgrades are the tough gear concept that comes with new plastics.

10. Other additional features are available to be enjoyed

The 1000XT ABS comes with additional features. The features that one should look out for are the wire-spoked tubeless tires that comply with the modern trend. The handlebars made of tampered aluminum.

In addition, the Yellow version comes with matching DID rims With these features, it is evident that Suzuki is in a mission to make a mark in 2017 and 2018. The bikes are installed with modern features that are ahead of their time. A ride in these bikes will certainly be an experience added to the legacy that the brand holds.

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