Victory For Joe Dreyden’s World Record Attempt

April 19, 2016
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Joe Dreyden introduces the world to Victory Octane’s world-record breaking abilities. 

Who needs a marketing campaign, when you can get a stunt performer to perform a world-record motorcycle tyre burnout with your bike instead. Because that’s exactly what Victory Motorcycles had Joe Dryden do, to announce the launch of the Victory Octane 2017 motorcycle.

Burning rubber

At the Orlando Speed World, Josh Dryden smoked the Victory around the oval racetrack for a complete 3.58 kms, just about pipping the previous record. And the Victory Octane sure was the right bike for the job – its 1200 cc V-twin powertrain yielding 104 horsepower and propelling the bike to 60 mph in under four seconds. It is the lightest and quickest Victory motorcycle ever produced.


Smoke it up

Smoke it up

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Dryden rode the challenge on Avon tyres, which lasted almost till the end of the seventh lap. Eventually, it lost pressure and burst. But by then, Dryden already had the world record all sewn up.

The day had started with Joe Dryden and his stunt partner, Tony Carbajal, doing a number of test runs. As the riders later recounted, the practice was to get the hang of the variable clutch and throttling that was required. Both riders had to abort several record attempts, before Joe Dryden took off and completed the challenge.

Top of the world

The Guinness Book Of World Record certification was accorded by a besuited representative, immediately after Dryden set the new record. In fact, to ensure the veracity of the record, a team from Guinness Book Of World Records even measured the oval racetrack, before the record attempt.


Wake turbulence

Wake turbulence


There was no denying Joe Dryden. And there was no denying Victory Motorcycles either, who proudly announced the record at the Daytona Bike Week event. It made for a nice introduction to Victory Octane, which was launched at the same event. Even before it’s hit the road, the motorcycle is already a record breaker.

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