Hal’s Award Winning Harley Sportster

April 14, 2016

Hal’s modified sportster ‘General Mayhem’ wins the national Harley Sportster customization competition.

A Harley dealership from New Berlin, Wisconsin, has won a national competition organised for customized motorcycles. Organised by Harley Davidson, the final result saw Hal’s Harley Davidson top entries from 60 other dealerships nationwide, with its tasty modification of the 2015 Sportster named ‘General Mayhem’.

The Extreme Bike Makeover

Unlike other customization contests, the organizers wanted to keep this from turning into a vanity project, with only heavily disguised show bikes making the cut. Instead, each dealership was provided a Sportster, one of the most common Harleys around. They were encouraged to modify the motorcycle using bolt-on, easily available parts.


The art in General Mayhem

The art in General Mayhem

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To put together General Mayhem, mechanics at Hal’s put in nearly 300 hours of work. Their brief was to create a Sportster version that could handle the dirt track just as easily as the tarmac. It must have helped that Bud Curtis, who led Hal’s customization efforts has owned three Sportsters himself and done many laps on dirt bikes too.

Ready For General Mayhem

The modified Harley 883 Sportster Hal’s finally entered has a bigger engine than the stock motorcycle, as well as bigger wheels. Its olive green colour is a nod to the motorcycle’s long-standing relationship with the US Army. More expensive than a stock motorcycle it maybe, but you won’t find any chrome on General Mayhem.

Not all modifications entered in the competition kept it simple though. One motorcycle had a ski attached to the front wheel, while another came outfitted with a surfboard. Lots of imaginations had clearly run wild in a bid to win the contest.


The Prize Horse


Time for some window shopping.

Time for some window shopping.

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Though the top prize of a visit to Milwaukee doesn’t hold much lure for Hal’s team, but the win is surely good advertisement for their bike customising expertise. For now, ‘General Mayhem’ will be on display at the Hal’s Harley Davidson dealership on 1925 S.Moorland Road. The price is unknown, but rest assured, it will have a premium attached to it.


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