Coming In Hot: The New Honda Goldwing

April 13, 2016
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42 years since the 1974 launch of the first in the flagship Honda Goldwing series, exciting rumors abound that the world is set to witness the launch of an all-new 2017 Goldwing that will reposition it as a standard-bearer when it comes to motorcycling technology.

Designed for the North American market with the potential long distance rider In mind whereby comfort, smoothness, wind protection, comfortable seating, and abundant power would be essential. Secondary would be the European market where border constraints would have potential owners focusing more on performance than luxury. Honda was most successful in answering to this call with the Goldwing.

What to look forward to:


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1. Transmission and suspension

A Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) seems guaranteed given the fact that Honda holds patents filed on its Goldwing version of the twin-clutch gearbox. Electronically adjustable, semi-active suspension, when considered with the flurry of patents taken out in mind, indicates an unusual front suspension system in the offing.

Based on a new type of leading-link front suspension, with a single shock and intricate linkage, two differing versions seem to be in development. With the apparent aim of providing a system that copes well with the Goldwing’s massive weight, a more complex, multi-link setup seems to be on the books, facilitating the addition of anti-dive geometry to firm up the handling without sacrificing luxury.

2. Instrumentation

The state-of-the-art airbag system pioneered by the current Goldwing looks set to live on in the new release, but if Honda’s patent-seeking patterns are any indication, we should expect some innovation in the instrument and control panels with the likely addition of more buttons to the handlebars. A complex infotainment system would seem most plausible, to add on to the anticipated TFT screens.

Ride-by-wire plus all the traction control systems and various riding modes, for now, look to be set for their usual standard inclusion.

3. Engine

Under development, but possibly out of reach for this upcoming Goldwing, is a hybrid drive system that would enable the incorporation of an electric motor into the transmission/engine unit, in order for a smaller capacity petrol engine to be equipped.

4. Chassis and Bodywork

Rounding out a mouthwatering buffet of goodies coming up, a new chassis and bodywork kit is expected to contain all this technology. It looks to be a two-piece cast-aluminum setup with separate front and rear sections, utilizing the engine as a load-bearing component. The Neo-Wing concept bike is ultimately the best bet guide to the new Goldwing’s styling. One thing is certain, though, we all look forward to seeing this grand tourer soon on our roads.

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