The 2016 Ural Dark Force: Riding to the Dark Side

Headquartered in Washington and with a factory in Russia, Ural motorcycles could just be the best thing to come from the Ural Mountains apart from its platinum and semiprecious stones. Boasting of the best of Russian and American workmanship and ingenuity, Ural motorcycles aim to provide durable, dependable, and quality motorcycles reminiscent of the mountains that the factory calls home.

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This latest limited-edition release from Ural Motorcycles recalls the sidecar motorcycles of a bygone era incorporated with one of the biggest franchises this world has ever seen: Star Wars. The 2016 Ural Dark Force features a vintage-look that somehow feels at home in a galaxy far, far away. True to its name, most of the vehicle is black – black ceramic coated exhaust, black engine, black upholstery, and a black sidecar – good enough to transport Sith Lords and Stormtroopers through the Tattooine desert, apparently. Speaking of transporting creatures, the long Enduro bench seat is long enough to accommodate a third person (or a droid, whichever you fancy), and the waterproof storage is great for hauling coolers, ice packs, and other gear.

The high-visibility LED headlight is another upgrade included in this model, but perhaps the best feature this limited-edition model has for Star Wars enthusiasts is the light saber mounted to the sidecar, ready for battle in whatever planet you’re on.

ural-dark-force light saber

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This limited-edition 2016 Ural Dark Force is indeed very limited, with only 25 units reserved for the United States, and comes with a price tag of US$14,999. Reserve one today and go to battle in style.

2016 Ural Dark Force Features and Specifications:

Engine: 4-stroke, 2-cylinder OHV air-cooled

Displacement: 749 cc

Bore x Stroke: 78 mm x 78 mm

Compression Ratio: 8:6:1

Fuel System: Throttle body EFI

Transmission: Manual

Starter: Electric and Kickstart

Speeds: 4 forward, 1 reverse

Recommended Maximum Cruising Speed: 70mph

Wheels: 2.5 x 18 aluminum rims with steel spokes

Maximum Permissible Weight: 1325 lbs

Limited Edition, Only 25 builds are reserved for the United States

MSRP US$14,999.00

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