The New Yamaha Cruiser Star Bolt C-Spec 2015

April 7, 2015
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Yamaha’s new thundering Star Bolt C-Spec Cruiser-2015 is all set for the Roads.

The Yamaha Bolt series, since its debut in 2013, has been one of the best selling bikes in the cruiser section. The new Cruiser Star Bolt C-Spec 2015 with a 942 cc air cooled V-twin engine is expected to further increase the sale and hit a record margin.

Yamaha had launched the Star series to give a distinct classification for the cruiser, sport-bike, sport touring bikes, and motocross series. The cafe-inspired styling and the ergonomics of the Bolt 2015 is bound to create extensive appeal to bike lovers.

Cruiser Star Bolt C-Spec 2015

Cruiser Star Bolt C-Spec 2015

The power-train of the new Bolt is not much different from its predecessors. The other master features which remains unchanged is the double-cradle frame, the steel fenders, the 3.2 gallon fuel tank, the 12-spoke aluminum  cast of 16-inch rear and 19-inch front wheels as well as the wave style brake rotors.

The cafe-racer look and feel is attributed to the cast-clip on bars, which repositions the hand a couple of inches lower and almost four inches forward. The foot-pegs are now 1.25 inches higher and has been pushed six-inches rearward.

The new solo seat of Bolt has been reshaped with a more thick padded saddle, which has an option to be converted into two as per the rider’s choice.

The LCD pod has been re-styled with a more fitting position at the top of the triple clamp, however, the disappointing part of the the makeover is that the much-needed rev counter is not integrated here.

Though the C-Spec Star Bolt-2015 is a cruiser bike, the sportier look has been credited to the 41 mm KYB fork with a 9mm longer tube enclosed in the traditional rubber boots. The riding height for the cornering lean has been increased to 37 degrees, which is an improved version from the standard Star Bolt.

Yamaha lovers will continue to experience the thundering sound of the bike at a pocket loving price, which starts at just $8,690. The ride on this will be smooth, natural and stable as the single disk provides extra power to the Michelin tyres.

The ride of C-Spec Star Bolt will give the much needed jolt to the soul.

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