e-raw with electric motor brings back traditional biking

August 14, 2015
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France’s Expemotion showed off the e-raw which has a floating seat that has been designed from 80 odd layers of wood laminate and has made use of an iPhone for its dash. But the e-raw has not been designed for production as the process of creating an extraordinary laminate seat looks time-consuming and painstaking.

eraw 1

The creator of the bike Martin Hulin has not taken any efforts to add brake lights or any indicators but can be a perfect example of what can be achieved when the hardware and plumbing with the combustion engine is ditched to favour an electric unit.
With no fuel tank, the creator has been able to reduce the bulkiness with an eye popping seat unit. It can be called as a retro- futuristic bike and Hulin seems to be a lover of gas bikes. The frame has a metal tube design and the suspension has a traditional USD forks with laid-over shock. Some other CAD images have shown that Hulin has been experimenting with the idea of a girder front end but for the sake of simplicity the regular fork is the best in this case.
No detail has been given in terms of the battery capacity, charge times and motor output or pricing as it is not supposed to be manufactured.

Photo Credits: ecotechnica

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