Harley Davidson to open new Canadian Subsidiary

May 4, 2015
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American motorcycle giant Harley Davidson to open new Canadian Subsidiary.

LatestMotorcycles.com: American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson is all set to launch a wholly-owned subsidiary in August 2015. The motorcycle manufacturing giant is negotiating an end to the Canadian distribution deal with Fred Deeley Imports, before the new beginning.

Harley Davidson to open new Canadian Subsidiary

The company had earlier announced that it does not intend to renew its distribution agreement with Deeley, which was supposed to lapse on July 31, 2017. But now it looks like the parties are anticipating  an early end. The two parties have been dealing together since 1973.

Harley Davidson is now looking towards direct distribution in some of its important foreign markets including Italy, Australia, Brazil and the Scandinavian countries. HD and Deeley are all set to end their sides around August 4, 2015 when Harley Davidson will be opening its new subsidiary known as  Harley Davidson Canada.

Mike Kennedy, the Vice president and MD of Harley Davidson North America said, “Over the last 40 years, Harley-Davidson has had a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the Deeley organization”. Kennedy added that they would continue to work with the Deeley team through transition to build the solid foundation and will also remain focused to grow the business.

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