KLIM Gear Launches Gear Protection Guarantee Program

September 26, 2016
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Those wearing KLIM apparel are in for a treat. The company has developed a Gear Protection Guarantee Program. This is a first for the company that has been around for 17 years. The program will deliver something unique and satisfying to KLIM’s customers.

Under the program, KLIM will undertake the replacement of KLIM gear in the event of a crash if the correct process is followed. The replacement will cover qualifying apparel and will be done free of charge. Qualifying apparel under the program include the Krios ADV, TK1200 and KLIM K1R helmets and all KLIM riding outwear jackets and pants.

According to the company’s Motorcycle Marketing Manager, Mark Kincart, the company is more than proud in ensuring that riders are at peace, knowing that their apparel investment is protected against damage in an accident.

He also points out that KLIM products are designed to be premium-quality products that give the rider an exceptional motorcycling experience. According to KLIM, the experience should not be brought to an end by an accident. Because motorcycle apparel undergoes damage during a crash, it becomes compromised and thus must be replaced.


The program is set to deliver value to the users of KLIM gear. For KLIM apparel to get replaced after a motorcycle accident, one has to follow these simple steps:

1. Take photos of the KLIM gear damaged in the accident.

2. Get a copy of the original accident report and scan the document or take readable photos of the document.

3. Fill on all required information on www.klim.com/gear-protection-guarantee.

4. Upload the accident report and gear photos.

5. Submit the filled-out application. Upon submission, the case will be reviewed, and official communication will come in the next 10 business days. For those that qualify, all the details are arranged to have the apparel replaced free of charge.

For program guidelines and more information, please visit KLIM.

Disclaimer: KLIM reserves the right to evaluate each accident on a case-by-case basis, establish whether the program rules were followed and approve or deny each request accordingly. Riding a motorcycle greatly increases your risk of an accident. Please ride responsibly and always wear protective gear to reduce the chance of injury.

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