Honda X-ADV 2017

Honda X-ADV Scooter/Motorcycle Hybrid Confirmed For 2017

September 22, 2016
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Automotive giant Honda has announced the release of a hybrid motorcycle. It is one of the 2017 motorcycles offering a diversified user experience especially in off-road terrains and also city cruising. Honda X-ADV closely resembles the Honda City Adventure concept which was available in showrooms in 2015. This X-ADV racing capable bike is built off the maxi-scooter design but has an off-road racing capability. Honda X-ADV bike is destined for viewing at the Millan 2016 EICMA show scheduled to commence from November 8.

Design and Performance of Honda X-ADV

This DCT-equipped X-ADV hybrid motorcycle would have an upright riding position ideal for high performance off-road and

wide visibility for the extreme riding terrain. Honda X-ADV will feature a 5-stage adjustable windscreen, dual racing sport knobby tires, upside down styled forks, and a storage space for its helmet. Other features that users may find useful may include the adjustable sport style seats and the stylish LED headlights with DRLs.

Here’s the official Honda X-ADV 2017 teaser released by Honda recently

Honda X-ADV specifications

Honda City Adventure Concept will feature a long travel suspension for the proximity of a rough ride. It is possible that the Honda hybrid motor will be a 750cc parallel twin engine. The power output is currently unknown off the dyno readings. The Honda X-ADV power train will also feature a Dual Clutch Transmission gear box, initially debuted on the Honda VFR1200F. The DCT tranny will contribute substantially to its split-second gear shift bringing the racing capability to this Scooter- Motorcycle Hybrid.

The Honda X-ADV bike will be the ideal option for cruising and racing off-road. The bike offers a high clearance body and muffler style. It is typically shorter, and the small wheel size gives room for spring movement especially on rough surfaces. The build allows the rider to move back and forth on the seat yet upright. The X-ADV will allow for riders to quickly step down to navigate efficiently in demanding situations.

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