Piaggio files patent infringement case against Yamaha and Peugeot

April 16, 2015
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Italy based auto giant Piaggio has filed complaints with the Italian courts against speed bikes manufacturers Yamaha and Peugeot. The company has alleged that Yamaha and Peugeot have infringed their idea of leaning three wheeled scooters.

piaggio patent

The complaint has mentioned that the Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot have copied Piaggio’s patents and designs that were used for MP3. The Italian company has sought a hold on sales and withdrawal from the market along with monetary damages. Piaggio launched its MP3 in 2006 , when it introduced its parallelogram suspension system which allows the scooters to lean in to the corners like a two-wheeler.

The Peugeot launched its Metropolis in 2012 while Yamaha launched its Tricity in 2013. The complaint by Piaggio were filed in fall but the parties will have to wait till summer for the court to settle the matter. The La Reppublica of Italy has reported that the case against Peugeot has been adjourned till June 16 and a preliminary hearing between Piaggio and Yamaha will be heard on July 24, 2015.

The court has also reported that that a similar case has been filed against Peugeot in Paris, France. This is also expected to be an important case. France is a home market for Peugeot and the country also has a big market for three-wheeled scooters.

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