Adaptive Headlamps Shine The Light On Blind Corners

Your motorcycle just became a lot more agile with JW Speakers’ latest 5″ Adaptive Headlamps, the Model 8690.


JW Speaker has expanded its range of ‘Adaptive Headlights’. After the successful launch of the 7” round Model 8790 series of headlights last February, we now have the Model 8690, which fits in the amazing adaptive headlight mechanism in a 5” round structure.


Making light work of corners


The technology JW Speakers utilised in the Models 8690 and 8790 is quite straightforward. The headlight mechanism includes a gyroscopic sensor, connected to custom designed electronics, which is activated anytime the motorcycle banks into a turn or changes its gradient. The sensors then direct the headlight beam in the direction of the intended movement, eliminating years of dangerous blindsided cornering.



The deep stare

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The Adaptive Headlights use JW Speakers’ very own ComfortLite range of LED lamps. According to the company’s website, these headlamps provide about 45% more illumination. Model 8800 Evolution and 8700 Evolution 2, as the two headlamps are known, will also be fitted into the new Model 8690 adaptive headlights. It is further enhanced with JW Speakers’ patented low beam optics. These headlamps are also DOT and ECE compliant, which makes them completely roadworthy.


New glasses for your motorcycle


When JW Speaker launched Model 8790, it was advertised as a plug and play solution. It also came with its own mounting ring kit. It is still not known if the Model 8690 will be as simple to purchase and retrofit onto your motorcycle. But clearly, there has been an outpouring of demand from riders, which drove the company to launch the latest model.


The bright side


LED by example

LED by example

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The technology has been proven in the few months Adaptive Headlights have been in the market. They have the potential to substantially improve rider safety, with their sensor driven beam movements. Now, all the darkness of corners will be illuminated to let riders make a safer turn. It’s time motorcycle riders everywhere saw the light.

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