2016 Beta 500RS review

Beta is a family-owned business that has been involved in the manufacture of dual-sport bikes ideal for every dirt rider. Since 1904, they have been making two-wheel transportation, and they started with the ordinary bicycles. In the late 1940s, the company motorized their bicycles. Their revolution was consistent as they continued to produce top quality motorcycles. The production of off-road motorcycles started in the 1970s.

The company has achieved success for over a century because they focus on all their customers’ needs delivering quality ‘ride-able’ bikes. The 2016 Beta 500RS review is comparable to that of the 430RS. Nonetheless, the 500RS has 47cc of additional displacement. The dual-purpose bike is street-legal all over the world.

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The bike is powered by a four-stroke six-speed transmission DOHC engine with a displacement of 478cc. The engine has a bore of 100mm and a stroke of 60.8mm. It is a fuel-featured dual sport with an electronic fuel injection system. Its exhaust cam has a new profile enabling the engine to provide more linear power. The 42mm-diameter throttle body designed for the engine allows it to maintain precise fuel delivery control regardless of any conditions.

The engine’s air-fuel mixture is optimized at all altitudes with the assistance of temperature and pressure gauges. The engine has a linear and spontaneous response enabled by the stepper motor installed in the throttle body. Moreover, these features guarantee a minimum engine speed, and its braking is reduced significantly providing a smooth and controllable power delivery. The large battery installed on the bike enables the engine to have a quicker start while hot.

A shift detent lever on the engine is installed with an aluminum roller for friction reduction. Additionally, the lever reduces wear and tear on the gear star-wheel which in turn enhances the shifting action significantly. A trio-phase 18 pole electric ignition installed on the engine ensures that the battery charging process is quicker with the supply of 200 watts of power at 6000rpm.

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The skid plates on the bike are made from the latest-generation polyamide that combines extreme lightness with high impact resistance. It has a ground clearance of 12.6 inches. The bike has a weight of 249 pounds with a seat height of 36.6 inches. The seat is made using a soft foam material boosting comfort for the rider while on the road. The 260mm front and 240mm rear brake discs are highly responsive enabling the rider to retain control in case of emergencies hence averting accidents.

The bike has a wheelbase of 58.1 inches with a fuel capacity of 2 gallons. The bike has off-road suspensions enabling riders to have a smooth ride regardless of terrain. The Voyager GPS system is installed with maps, trip meter, and other instruments allowing riders to track their movements and fuel economy. The bike has flag-style hand guards protecting the rider’s hands from wind and other hindrances while on the road. The folding mirrors installed on this bike are also convenient when riding on public highways with the ability to fold out of the way.

Price and Release Date

The bike was delivered to the market in September 2015, and it retails at a price of $9,799.

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