The 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke Ultimate Motorbike review

February 19, 2016

2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke bike model is one of the latest bikes that motorcycle enthusiasts are targeting in the automotive industry. Being first presented in the North America motorcycle website, the bike has fantastic and top quality features. Beta Motors Company manufactured this bike, which is located in the USA. 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke is the ultimate luxury on two wheels.

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Why ride the 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke bike?

Many motorcycle riders have been on the move to test this bike due to the high performance of the motorcycle. Apart from one of the best bikes in the automotive market, 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke has an automated oil injection system, a scenario that has contributed to its performance.

Other models of the Enduro Beta bikes include the CERVO 48, M.T. 175, 2016 RR Enduro 2T bikes and the 2016 Beta 300RR 2-Stroke bike model. The fantastic beta oil injection system was introduced early last year by the Xtrainer model bike.

The 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke bike has a quality Throttle position system that measures the performance of the engine. The power of this bike has been refined as compared with other models as the ECU of this bike has been highly modified hence enhancing the performance of the motorcycle.

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2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke key features

  • RR 2 Stroke motorbike has a thermostat fitted with four screws for durability purposes
  • This bike has a power capacity of 249cc and a seat height of 37-inch
  • This bike has a powerful exhaust valve and a calibrated head of the cylinders transfer ports
  • With a sole aim of increasing the performance and ease of the motorcycle, Beta Motors has fitted the bike with a stronger shock amount
  • 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke has an updated odometer which separates diagnostics of the oil injection system
  • The size of the cartridge bleed hole has been improved to make sure that oil flow during bottoming is maintained.
  • 2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke bike has an appealing look as it is made of Beta colors and distinctive graphics. The front fork tubes of this bike got anodized with gold, a scenario that is making the bike more stunning.

2016 Beta 250RR 2-Stroke bike is expected to sell at $8299 at all automotive dealers and will get released in the middle of this year.

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