Here’s Our Review On Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 Tire, Take A Look

November 26, 2016
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The Firestone’s heavyweight cruiser motorcycle tire manufacturing focuses on the American market dominating V-twin cruiser with higher than 601cc which has 50.2 percent sales by Harley-Davidson.

The Bridgestone tires had more effort heavy cruiser-style motorcycles including the Exedra MAX, but in the past five years, the focus was on the Battlecruise H50 that is proving a master of the industry piece of machine with a better handling, smooth and extended mileage.

Talked about next is the quick review of the Battlecruise H50 tire waiting for a detailed review coming soon.

1. Smoother Ride

The Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tire is smoother than the Indian tire and provides a more comfortable ride. The tire has a correct balance of its vertical stiffness for maximum rigidity without risking the shock absorbers. Smoothness on the tires has improved for rain grove on pavements, bridge expansions and in small treks in bare sand especially on the Indian scout and the Harley-Davidson Heritage Soft -tail.

2. Improved grip on the Steering

Battlecruise H550 is a design with a larger contact patch and a more uniformly distributed contact pressure for an effortless steering. The tires require less steering input on the handlebars to an average of 40 percent unlike its compactors from Dunlop. H50 tires turn never slips on back to back corners even at a near touchdown on the exhaust.

3. Longer tread wear

The Battlecruise H50 applies a large crown profile to the tread design that optimizes adhesion and slips on the surface with a wear life index double that of its competitors.

4. ULTIMATE EYE construction

Bridgestone used the ULTIMATE EYE tire construction technology that gives insight analysis to the tire on speed conditions, slip angle, maximum speed and contact behavior on the Battlecruise H50. The technology optimizes construction for the tread base and shape of the tire.

5. Availability size

While information on prices is not out, H50 will be in the market in 2017 in a variety of sizes covering up to eight on the American V-Twin cruiser in 2017 and 14 on the American V-Twin Towers in the January 2018.

Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tires offer an exceptional experience felt from the moment the tires are off the kickstand and displays a huge difference in comparison to the Indian Kenda brand. Any fan of the cruiser heavyweight is eager to experience.

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